Le Lavandou – the way to do summer

South of France – côte d’azur – is AMAZING!  It’s redundant to say how the water is clear  blue, the sand changes by the intensity of the sun. It’s simply a poem of colours, senses and energies. Energies because walking on the beach you can go along the coast and you become one with the nature.

We have been there off season, in May, when the wind was still wild on the coast and the sun was very shy , but still laying on a beach under an umbrella was revigorating . We didn’t really sun bath but walking around the coast was as better as swiming in the sea.

As you can see in the photo we had some Sun but was ”payant” 🙂

The nature has been very generous with this region of France and the French, thank God, have this enormous respect and admiration for it. At least at the first look.


Even though, through out the years the French people prefere in summer to go to Portugal or Spain because is more cheaper and the Sun is more generous than here, yet the côte d’azur has remained the perfect way to summer with class.20170507_130151



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