Orléans the sacred ville de Jeanne d’Arc

One of my first cities I visited since I’ve moved to France is Orléans. I didn’t know anything about the city at that time, because the only thing I wanted was to get to the concert of Andre Rieu who happened to concert for my birthday in the ville of Jeanne d’Arc. So, in the few hours prior to the show I had the chance to visit this incredibile city which is maintained like a jewel in the most finest conditions. I don’t exagerate when I say that it seemed to me one of the most cleaned cities I’ve ever been to.

Orléans meets all the criterias for a perfect city break. You have culture: museum of arts, universities, the amazing Sainte Croix Cathedrale, history: the house of Jeanne d’Arc completely restored because was burn during the war times, shopping : surprinsing stores of artisans and local brands, beautiful parks and bulevards perfect for a lovers promenade.

Furthermore, the city is beautifully charged with historical reminders of the important role that Jeanne d’Arc played in the war of 100 years when she eliberated Orléans from the English domination. Situated, at only 115km from Paris, Orléans is a bijou of the French cities.

At the end of the evening the show of Andre Rieu had sprinkled some good energie and memories for a lifetime.

All in all, it’s useless to add that after this short trip I’ve gone back again to Orléans like three times enjoying every time this carroussel of emotions that the city has to offer. p1150763


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