To macaron or not to macaron ?

When it starts raining with cats and dogs and the wind makes you go nuts every time you go out AND you start thinking how and when the year has passed, it is clear that you need new experience to explore. It is a sign that is that time of the year when  our thoughts start going wild in our heads with regrets and contents with uncomplished resolutions.

Les grands magasines in Paris have already dressed in Christmas clothes, they not only offer things for you to buy but they propose  a veritable shopping experiences: with sellsmen who speak your language and luxurious brands as only in Paris you can find.

images    As I am financially far far away from a Hermes bag or anything that resemblace to high fashion, I took my chance to experience the luxury of macarons:  Pierre Herme Macarons. Trully a blisfull experience. In the past few years, apparently, the macarons have become the number 1 desert of the turists. The two colorful biscuits filled with cream with creative tastes have made people crazy.

At Hermé you don’t just have Chocolate Macarons, you get to choose from Chocolate made from Venezuelan Cacao or Brasilian, the banale Macaron à la Noisette is with Truffes. All these small – big details make a whole new experience of the Macaron.

My favourite surprise was the Macaron with chocolate  and foie gras. I would have never imagined this kind of combination and how wonderful it melts in your mouth. Pierre Hermes you are my favourite, but it seems that in the 2016 he was the favourite of many others because he was chosen the MaîtrePâtissier of the year .


Stay chill and have a macarons, à la Herme’s way.


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