Petit Palais – Big Surprise

I have only one proposal for you this weekend: Petit Palais. The Museum of Beaux Arts of Paris! Magnificent! Starting with the beautiful architecture of the Palace, built at the same time with the Grand Palais and the Alexandre Bridge for the Exposition Universelle in 1900, it is a petit architecture jewlery. No wonder, they needed over 20 years to finish the architectural details and design, because it is really something. Honestly, when I talk about Paris I find it redundent to talk about the extraordinary architectural styles and beauty, because it is priceless…

The first argument that I will bring in convincing you to pay a visit to this wonderful museum is that is FREE of charge. You are free as a bird to get in and you will be care free  when will get out.

Beauty in any shape and form is a true balm for the soul 🙂 . Besides sculptures and paintings of the Parisian artists you can find pieces of furniture and even a fully equiped dining salon of the Parisian aristocracy at the beginning of the 20th century.

The history of the European culture is impregnated in these pieces of art. Every detail is a symbol of the life and believes of one century ago. I don’t wanna get too philosophical, but being in these kind of historical/arty  contexts, I get to put my own life into question. How much time do I spend on creating beauty in my life? In having beautiful conversations with the others, beautiful thoughts for me and the close ones, beautiful love stories that make my life and heart full of joy? In other words, how much do I suround myself with beauty?

Another strong argument in why you should visit Petit Palais is that it has a superbe interior garden, which in the heart of Paris is breathtaking if you want to hear the birds, eat a sandwich or kiss your lover in a very romantic Parisian place. Nothing stops you to bring your thoughts with you in this realm of quietness where the last time I went they exposed some interesting work of a contemporany young artist who really seemed inspired by the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi. The simplicity and perfection of the two heads are in the same line as the surrealism and minimalism that Brancusi became known more than 50 years ago. A true delight for the mind and soul.

Last but not least of my arguments to go and see Petit Palais is that you always have something new to visit, a new exposition, a new artist, a new someone, something that will make you step back and reconsider eveything you’ve seen before. This time my senses were spoiled by the American artist Kehinde Wiley with his expositions: Lamentation , a new modern interpretation of the christian stained glass. What if Jesus was black?

Cheer up and think pink!





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