Michel DRUCKER- LIVE- une plaisir

Everyone who lives more than a few months in France, gets to know Michel DRUCKNER – the figures emblématiques du paysage audiovisuel français. He’s been in the showbiz since like forever- for more than 50 years- and he knows almost everybody who counts in this country. Well, this Mr DRUKNER put on a one man show with his stories and souvenirs with the people he has met in his over 50 years of career.

For two full hours he filled our hearts and minds with memories about French Presidents, actors, musicians, Celine Dion – my favourite 🙂 . He was the one who first invited and promoted Celine Dion in France. It was a blast of good feelings and good quality showbiz. Having in front of me a living legend of French Television was an incredible feeling of closeness with my new homeland. His Show: Seul … avec vous – it’s a reminder, in fact, that we are never alone if we know how to share.

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