Kilo BOF!

J’adore the word Vintage! It’s the latest marketing bling to sell and sell stuff that otherwise no one looks at them. I love so much vintage that it makes me sick. There are labels which marked their products with the V word and have had a a crescendo rising of their sells.

For a few years now, in Paris, there is this new shopping style from second hand shops called KILO shop. Their price is according to the weight of the item. You may think that it must be cheap. Because how much can a blouse could weight? Well, hold your horses … that’s the thing , the system of prices (cause there are different cathegories of products according to their quality) is so well put together that you can pay for a pair of jeans almost as much as for a new one. But, of course, these ones are vintage. Bleah!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against to second hand shops. To recycle clothes and therefore, save the planet! I am so against to these Kilo Shops which I found in Paris, because they were simply textile waste – garbage.The cloths were so used and overused that  i can’t believe they were asking money for them.

Anyhow, if you go in the Marais quartier we will find on the same street 3 of this kind of shops! THREE all next to each other. Incredibile! I got in in every one of them, of course, but I couldn’t stay too long because the infectious smell of vintage was making me…Bof!

Stay clean and dress smart!

Hasta luego!


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