La Maison Faubourg- the parfumed history of Paris

Last weekend I had the chance to discover once again another great puzzle of the great history of Paris :  La Maison du Parfum Faubourg.

To begin with, I have to be honest with you and admit that, in the essence, this museum is a great tool of marketing for the Maison du Parfum Faubourg which stayed during the decades as a great proof of French entreprenorship and ”know how”.  It has been recently opened in Paris (last year in December) and it was built with private funds and the help of the Syndicat français de la parfumerie. What can I say: a true addition to the golden patrimoine of Paris.

Situated on the 73rd  street of Faubourg, near the Garnier Opera House, the Maison of Parfume offers you a Free guided tour of an hour and half in English, French and Chinese I think some Arab too. When I got there, a group of ten of French speakers was on their way to start the tour. I was impressed by the well informed guide who pigmented her speech with different jokes and information that made her monologue really interesting and cathy. It’s impossible to get bored. She started with the beginnings of Egiptians who used their precious parfume and essential oils in their rituals to get more close to the gods and finished with our modern history where in a bottle of parfume you have only 20% to 24% of true essential parfume and 80% of the price is for marketing.

Afterwards, you find out that during Louis IV , they washed only 2 times a year so they used a lot of parfume because they were virtually stinking . So, the parfumed was in many cases with them all the time worn as a true jewelry showing also their social status. The guid told us that it was a kind of the beggining of bling bling 🙂

Even though the quality of the pictures isn’t that great, in the images you have the personal beauty kit of the ladies of the Court. The small jewelry boxes were held under their dresses and they had all their beauty stuff in it. Amazing!

The Mondial Capitale of Parfume is considered to be in the south of France in Grasse. And the Great invention of the Faubourg Maison is the aluminium botle which can keep the quality of a parfume intact up to 30 years. Unlike the common glass  bottle of parfume which can hold the parfum to only 2-3 years after open it. Attention of keeping your parfume in the bathroom cause the enemies of a parfume are: heat, light and humidity. The three of them we find mainly in the bathroom. So, that’s a good tip over there.

It was an amazing experience, which definitely convinced me to buy one of their Argan oils wich I have been using for a week now  it on my hair and I can definitely see the good effects more shiny and hidrated. Another important detail, is that their products we can only find in their usine shops in Grasse or Paris. So, the prices are more than decent, and it is really a true souvenir from Paris because you only find them here. The exclusivity is garanteed.

So, be nice to each other and smell nice!




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