The bad symphony of the boutiques

My new passion in this moment is to go in the boutiques of the museums of different “arty” establishments and see what you can take as a souvenir home. It  is not very original you might say. Yes, it is not. But I don’t see anyone react at the fact that almost 95% of the things that we see in different shops (I am talking only about the boutiques from the museums and different cultural institutions) is made from China. Of course, you say that almost everything we see in every ordinary store is made in China so no surprise there. Yes, but why in the shops where it should be promoted the originality, the quality and creativity of the true artists…??? Anyhow, all this to tell you that lately I have been to the boutique from Garnier Opera House. The National Opera of Paris is well known as a asthonishing building which you can also visit without going to a show for only 5 or 10 euros. There are visited tours only to visit the Opera.

The products that I have seen for sale were really dissapointing 😦

You have clothing if you wanna disaguise yourself like in Il Barbiere di Sevigliia  or be chique at the office with a bow tie for only 75€!!!

Next we have decorations made in China, at exorbitant prices. And something that wanted to look like art. Anyone, ballerina, someone?

Anyhow, what can you choose? What can you bring with you back home for your family, friends who love Paris and love Opera? Hmm…. tricky question isn’t it?

My conseil: Save up and go to a concert and make a lot of pictures so that the souvenirs will be really great.

Cheer up, La vita e bella!


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