Stories with a good taste

Every once in a while, the community of each city here, in France, celebrates their long tradition of handmade and artizanat. An ocassion for the good taste and quality to come out and say: ”hey, no machine and no technological performance can replace the dedication and talent of a human being”. At these kind of events you can see artizans from all different domaines: from housebuilders and shoemakers to boulangers and body painters. They all have a certain thing in commun: their passion for what they do, and their determination to continue the tradition from their family or community. It’s priceless.

The folowing images are very powerful for the eyes of a gourmand and food lover  – like me- 🙂

As you can see from the first picture, this is a new kind of fondue cheese that I’ve never seen before: they put a heater above the cheese, they melt it and then they make your sandwich  – delicious!

The pastry section is absolutely the craziest one! They have all kinds of brioche, tartes or cookies that make you mouth watering immediately. Just a petite advise: taste everything only with your eyes!

These Tourteau Fromager, the ones you see above, need a special presentation because the black crust that you see is not chocolate, as I thought :). It’s burnt! Its a tarte with cheese, very interesting as taste, the burnt you cand eat it or leave it aside. Very French! The brioche long as a TGV were very appétissant too. 

Here, there are not the usual chocolate macarons. I present you the new macarons with basilic and cheese. I didn’t have the curiosity to taste them, but it seems that the salty macaron is e the new thing right now. If you like sweet and salty combined go for it.

Finally, to end this small culinary exposition, I present you my discovery of the week : The BIGOUDEN! A kind of cake, FAT as a saucison,  with butter and … oh, I don’t even want to remember… But was of course was super-extra-delicious!

Well, that’s all folks, I hope it wasn’t too overwhelming for you.

Keep Calm and eat healthy!



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