Many are the ways of God…

You all know the Basilique Sacre Coeur, situated in Montmartre,  one of the most important religious sites from Paris. Every time I went there, the ambiance at the footstepts of the basilique was full of joy and relaxation. Has become one of the places in Paris, where whenever you go you know you will find full of people, parisians and tourists, artists and singers ready to offer you a very pleasant evening. And very cheap, for Paris.

Every time I go there, I like to go into the church too and say a little prayer.  Unfortunately, last time I went they installed a kind of machines for tourists to have their 5 cents smashed and processed with the image of the church. Why?


Who had this divine idea to make money out of these hidous machines in the church? Next to an altar to have 3 or 4 machines with lights and features of a casino in Vegas. I understand Paris is the city of lights but,please, leave the churches alone. The fuss around them really gets you out from the spiritual mood that a church usually puts you in.

God bless you all and come to Paris!


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