The GRAND Medieval festival of the Grand Fougeray

I believe that one of the greatest pleasures in life is travelling. I get excited every time I think of a journey, I plan one or I am on the road. There is something magic of finding a destination and organising a trip that you know you will remember all your life. At least this is one of the purposes, the trip to be so great that you will remember all your life.

Here, in France, when it comes to organising a trip I have one good ally beside me : It is a website of good deals well known in other European countries too. Not only does it have appetisant offers of the hotel and restaurant included but you find out about places that no google maps is capable of delivering to you. I found such good hotels with gastronomique restaurants so cheap in places so isolated that I have never been dissapointed. In fact, now, every time I look for a new destination, I see to find a small village in the suroundings of a grand ville where the quality of the services is impecable.

One of the surprises of this summer was the Hotel Restaurant and SPA Le Palis from the Grand Fougeray, a small but small town in Bretagne that every summer hosts a Medieval Festival to honor its history and traditions.


No one knows exactly for how long this festival is been going on, if you ask the locals its been for ever. You can see them traditionally dressed and youngsters who come at the medieval event all dressed up from that epoque. For me, was really impressive to see couples dressed in rythim with the occassion. Pretty cool!

Furthermore, what I liked the most were the different workshops, talks or shows about the activities and customs of those times. Honestly, I don’t know much about the medieval times, what I remember is ”Xena, the worrior princess”. To my ashame is really the sole example I can give to examplify my poor poor culture about the medieval times. We had a show put on with medieval music, we assisted at a class of the first medieval university from France, there were so many activities that at some point we just prefered to take a break and just look at the different local merchandisers and admire their handmade products.

What is really enjoyable at these kind of events is the apetite that everyone has to have fun. Moreover, you feel like in a big family, because everything is organised by the locals with the locals, so they welcome you as if they know you forever. They aren’t embarassed to make fun of themselves and they only care to make the best of their time.

All in all was a truly beautiful experience, to see the unity of a village in putting together such an event, the variety of the activities to deconnect from the daily worries and the coolness of the youngsters that don’t fall in the trap of our techonological modern days and dress up and get curious about the previous times was just amazing to admire.

Vive Le Grand, Vive Le Fougeray!



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