I just love …

… living in the country side. You have nature, fresh air, bla bla, you don’t have any mobile signal so you find easily excuses when you’re not in the mood to be reached, yey, yey!. Sometimes, the internet connection is slowly as a tortue (you have to learn some French on this blog 🙂 that rhymes with torture.But, I don’t complain, don’t complain…

But, what I LOVE the most at being in the country side is that it gives you the joy of seeing the changing of seasons. It’s just wonderful! Starting with the colours of trees, and the smell of earth and the gifts that offer is just amazing! For example, yesterday, after my daily jogging walk in the forest I was rewarded with the most delicious blackberies …

Even though the weather is still very hot and you have the impression that fall has still a long way to install itself, but being in the country side you see the changng of seasons so much closer and deeper.



To smell and feel these precious gifts of earth it’s just amazing. And don’t take as the cheap talk of how we all love nature. Take it as an advice the before you look at the watch to see how late it is take a first look at the sky and we will see that the time will stop for a little bit.



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