Etratat – a state of mind

If you come to Normandie, the first place people will recommend is Etratat. And it is not because of the beach (it’s full of rocks) or for the blue sea (ce n’est pas la côte d’azur either) but it’s for the incredibil ambiance and mood that the coast can offer overthere.

And still if this is not convincing to you, just keep in mind that Monet and many other impressionists found their inspiration in this small village and tried to capture it in their works.


The foto on the left is taken by me and the one on the right is the painting of Monet found in his house in Giverny. Breathtaking!

I had the chance to go in Etratat in summer and in spring off season. In summer, is uselles to say that was full. Etratat is really a small village with a few houses, motels and restaurants, everything is really touristical. When I went in spring, we had a picnic on the beach. The wind was really strong and the sea very agressive. There was almost anyone around and we had the impression that the beach was only for us. Very romantic, I know 🙂

Here are some other shots from our weekend in summer:

There is a small church on a hill, and it fells so natural :

God bless you and go to Etratat!


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