Food tip in Paris

We all know how expensive is Paris. From visiting museums to postacards, you have to pay big to have a souvenir from the city of Light. Therefore, I was thinking to give you a small precious tip on good sandwiches in Paris. When you are not in the financial state or mood to sit in a Bistro and pay some fries at 15euros , or to eat a crappy baguette with some cheese and letuce at 8 euros, please take my word and go to the Bellevile and have a delicious Vietnamese sandwich at only 3.00 euros. Beaf our chicken marinee in their wonderful Asian spices can make your day and pocket much more happier.

I just love carrots in this combination!

In the shop you will always find three women who do everything. I didn’t ask to have them in a picture because I don’t know how legal is everything (oups!) you always pay in cash and you don’t get a receipt. But for a 3 euros the sandwich who cares!


Adress:  18 Bdv de la Villete


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