PEDONE – The French touch

I have to admit: I am an ice-cream hunter and lover. Therefore, Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce to you an incredibile discovery from the heart of Paris : PEDONE.

I don’t know what the word means, but don’t get fooled as I did because the brand is 100% French!!! Established in Charenton, Val de Marne. WOW!

In Paris, u can find it on the Haussmann Blvdm next to the Lafayette Galleries. I just discovered the place which is called : La MAISON, LE GOURMET. Transalation: The Heaven of Gourmandise.

Pistachio, Caramelo Sale and ARANCIA made my day!


These are other wonders of high gastronomy that you can find at Maison Gourmand.



And the Cinderella of this Fairytale of Gourmandise is the Moustard of DIJON. A tradition here, in France. Who new that the moustard could be served as apetisers for a fancy diner.

Long Live la Gourmandise!

Enjoy! 🙂


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