France is well known for la joie de vivre, for the good food and wines but also for the relaxing way of doing things. No wonder they fought to have the longest paid vacations from the all democratic countries. They know how to live!


But, sadly, lately, this relaxing way of living has been virtually attacked by terorism. I won’t get into details about it… I just want you to show you how much has changed the Capital of Light under this agressive pressure of this unknown enemy called terrorism.

The symbol of Paris is now surrounded by fences and police patrols. The access is limited from 9.30 to 23.30 am. Therefore, if you have planned to propose to your sweetheart at midnight under the lights of Eiffel Tower, forget it. You can only do it till 23.30 am.

Here are some photos with people staying in line to get checked. You have to open your bag and back packs. Everything is ckecked. It’s pretty weird to see that at the Eiffel Tower.

Here you have the famous Africans who sell mini-Towers at 1 euro five pieces. They are not allowed anymore under the Tower so they are trying to get their clients staying in front of the gates.

C’est la vie! C’est le nouveau Paris!


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