Honfleur, une fleure de Normandie

There are so many things to say about Honfleur, a pitoresque ville in Calvados of almost 8000 habitants that impressed me after only 5 minutes of walking on its narrowed streets.  It has such a powerful historical background of vraie French fishermen that built the village out of nothing and developed in a true work of French tradition. I won’t get into détails, because you know well my blog doesn’t pretend to offer accurate date about one thing or another but it’s about détails that drew my attention and mesmerised me.

Therefore, the first thing that struck me when I got to Honfleur was the impressionant number of art galleries. Everywhere you turn your head you find  a boutique, an atelier of an artis who works under your eyes or even an art gallery with contemporany artists. Breath taking! Virtually, the line of ideas in your head change instantly and gets inspired by the beauty of art and nature. Having a quick look on wikipedia, it says that Honfleur is also known as the place where Monet, Gustave Courbet and others started the École de Honfleur which contributed to the birth of impressionnisme. Again, breath taking! While walking in Honfleur, I just had an inner need to create something, to be surrounded by beauty and to get inspired by it. Honfleur is not just a destination is an experience.

Bellow, you will find a selection of photos taken as a sudden emotion to just stop the time.

Other sources of inspiration:


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