Red red wine

There is a saying that I like: Good friends become like good wine: the older the better. As I get older, I identify more and more with this philosophy because the living souvenirs that I have with some of my friends are so well imprinted in my memory that they make me smile every time I think of them.

There, there, I don’t want to get nostalgic now and I don t wanna seem more older than I am either. But since I have moved to France, and I left almost all of my good friends behind it happens from time to time to listen to a song that we used to dance together, to laugh with no reason just because I remembered of a stupid joke that we used to make or to eat something that we used to eat together. I know, maybe it sounds stupid, but for example, one of my best friends has a red mini car and every time I see that car on the streets I suddenly remember her. C‘est tout bête! how they like to say it here, but every time

a Mini souvenir

I see this car I immediately think of A.

Dear A., I just want you to know that my heart beats really fast when I see this red mini car. For me it’s not just a car, it’s a souvenir machine making. This time, I found our mini in front of the Orsay Museum- a museum that I know you like very much. One time , I remember, was on my way to Normandy. Every time I see this car it’ s like you are with me. C‘est tout bête! –    I know.

What about your mini souvenirs?


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