A taste of Italy, in Paris

As I said at the beginning of the blog, I love food! I loove everything that taste true and  original.

With no doubt, in my opinion, the Italians really are the masters in  ice-cream! Therefore, I would like to present you the best ice-cream in Paris: GROM. It is a chain, of small boutiques and laboratories that you can also find in Italy too.

The small gelateria is situated in Saint Germain des Pres, the most popular neighborhood in Paris and is all the time full. Well, no wonder… The flavors of pistachio, vaniglia, crema di Grom, fragole or nocciola are just UNBELIEVABLE.  Every taste is an experience!


The other Italian place which I recommend from my heart and is close to Grom is Cosi, which in Italian means – like this-. They have sandwiches to die for. They make on the spot their own Italian bread, and I can’ t describe in words the divine taste that it has. Unfortunately, I don’t have any picture with the sandwich because I had already taken lunch when I got there. But, I have a picture with the place. Which, of course, was full!

Buon apetito, mes amies!


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