Have you looked on Leboncoin?

Every human being who has been living in France for at least 6 months has at least once heard about this wonderful website leboncoin.fr. In English, I don’ t know exactly how it could be translated but I know that every country, every small society in this world has its own leboncoin, its own virtual place where people exchange things or sell at almost half a price their own goods.

The business of second hand has been flourishing for years now, some people say that it is because of the ongoing crisis but in my case it is just the convenience of buying cheaper almost the same item which in a regular store costs a fortune. I use a lot of almost, I know, but in this ind of business you know that everything is variable.  The variety of products and services that you can find on Leboncoin is limitless. From carpets to houses and from underwear to cars. Every year my sister rents a house in Normandy from this website. I found my car – Ford Fusion- at a very good price on this site, no actually my sister did. Basically there is no limit. Some people even put le President de la Republique sur le Leboncoin. I guess that the French people are so happy with his work that they want to borrow him to other countries too.

In my case, I feel  connected to this website, he is like part of the family- I visit him almost once at two days, more often than I go to my brothers-  because on this online market I also found the apartment where I currently live without passing trough a real estate agency.

In France, it is really an adventure to find a nice place to live.   Even though the French people are very known for their flexibility in changing places, jobs, destinations, I find that it is also very expensive as a single person to live on its own. The simple way to do it is to hire the services of a real estate agency, but when you live in a small village, city, whatever, as I do, you are not really in the mood to pay the fees equal to a month rent for something that you can do in a couple of hours. Despite all that, agencies are very popular and you can find at least two in every small town all over France. But this is another subject that requires special attention: how to find the ideal place to live in a special reportage on omellette du fromage.

Getting back to leboncoin, last week I was in contact with a Monsieur on Leboncoin because I was in search of a GPS. Even though they are becoming a little bit unpopular because now the new cars have them incorporated in the board of the car they still keep their spicy price in the store. Therefore, as in the good French tradition, I went on leboncoin and found this good GPS at 60 euros instead of 120. The picture that the seller provided showed a rather new GPS, too good to be true. So, last Sunday I went to Paris to meet this kind men who was selling his GPS at half price. Making a long story short, not only the GPS was never used but the man refreshes his add on the website every week meaning that he has more of those were coming from.

My conclusion? Leboncoin, is the new le bon black market. You steal, you sell, you win!

You steal something on the street, in public places you go on leboncoin and you sell it without any uncomfortable questions or remorses.

I wanna move again so my next move is to find another apartment, biensur, on Leboncoin:)

Bon courage!

Later Edit: I just heard on the radio that the Ex-president Sarkozy, has never heard of Leboncoin. Well, maybe he doesn’t have anything to sell.


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