La joie de vivre en France

Everyone loves food, I know I do! And, most important, everyone associates food with good memories:  the taste, the smell and even the making of it can stick in our heads for ages making us longing  it for the rest of our lives. I feel the same about memories. Some memories can stick in our heads forever as some others we forget immediately. The ingredients of a good memory always rest  the same: good company, breathless landscape, fine food and drinks or, sometimes, just  a very good company.IMG-20150508-WA0021


In my omelette au fromage I have gathered the best ingredients that I could find for  unforgettable memories: a beautiful country, breathless landscapes, fine food and drinks and, of course always, a good company. I know very well that an omelette au fromage is the simplest and  banal thing someone could ever cook or eat but spiced up properly is the first thing they teach you in becoming a vraie cordon bleu. I believe that it is the same with our ordinary days. We can immediately make them extraordinary with the right touch of salt and pepper.

But enough cheat chating, this blog is not about cooking, is about la joie de vivre: gathering up memories for the delicious days that life can offer.

Bonne apetite or Bonne voyage!


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