Being grateful

I’ve just read this morning an article about how to be more happier in life, and it seems that one of the conditions in that sense is being grateful.

Therefore, I don’t wanna waste any more minute and I would like to pay my tribute to mon meilleur ami from childhood: Dexter from the well known cartoon Dexter Laboratory. I remember his small size and ugly glasses have always encouraged me to believe that doesn’t matter how unaesthetic you look  you can always make it up with your intelligence.


Well, then again, he didn’t have many friends either. Doesn’t matter that… He inspired me in the title of this blog too. Omelette DU Fromage is from an episode where he tries to learn French for a test. – And it reminds me of my beginnings in France when I didn’t speak more than that. -And of course, he does everything wrong because his scientific method of learning the language gets stuck in only one sentence: Omelette DU Fromage. Which of course grammatically is  wrong too.

I leave you to watch a short excerpt  from this episode because is too funny and I will continue my day feeling nostalgic about the times when cartoons meant funny characters with funny lines and not robots killing the aliens on Mars.

Cheerio!    Omellete du Dexter





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