Trouville or the Deauville of the pauvre

Trouville is simply a wonderful ville from Normandy. You will probably hear this very often about the villages in Normandy here on because I am simply in love with what Normandy means.

I call Trouville the Deauville of the pauvre  – the Deauville of the poor- because is basically attached to the famous cinema city  Deauville and you have the same landscape, seaside and pleasure at half a price.  Trouville is virtually at only one step away from  Deauville but at decades away from the bourgeoise  ambiance that the architecture and the people inspire to the place. In Deauville, on weekends, you will find all the good Parisian protipendade has to offer. In Trouville, on weekends and during the week you will have all the European middle class tourists that England, Germany, Poland, Romania …and other nations have to offer.

In May, when I have been there, not all the bars and restaurants were opened but the ones that had the guts to do it were full. But, of course, you can always find a brasserie with 4 occupied tables and a desperate waiter who with a desperately tone will tell you that he is all alone and that if you dare to sit at a table it will take a while because, then again, he is all alone with the service. So, tipique!

What I recommend for you to experience is eating in the fish market. From May to October, I believe, the City Hall, gives the permission to the fishermen to install some tables in front of their market and sell fresh sea fruits and wine. So, basically, the market becomes an ad-hoc brasserie. Sometimes, is more lively than in the brasseries itselves. Everyone is very chatty and so much easy to get good tips from the locals or even from the tourists. As for the price, it’s almost the same as in a true brasserie. But, at least you know that your plate is fresh.

Here is just a part of our lunch. The crab salad had been eaten immediately.

What I really enjoyed in Trouville was the nice hotel that we stayed in, we had a sea side view, and the bathroom was equipped with a bathtub (sorry for this stupid detail but I LOVE bathtubs) and it was just splendid!

Hotel Casino is just on bord de la mer. Ask for a room with a view and you won’t be disappointed.

Trouville Beauville comme le Deauville. Well, it is not the best game of words but that will have to do for my ending.

À bientôt!


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